Bridging Distance

Project Management Productivity Solutions at the Speed of Business

Cost of Indecision

Research finds that the top reason for IT projects failure is due to decision latency*. When the average time between an issue and a decision is less than an hour, completed projects are on time and on budget. When the average decision requires more than two hours, the projects are late and over budget by a minimum of 150%.

*April 2017, Standish Group - Nanomorphics: The Age of Accelerated Change

Compounding the challenge to solve decision latency is today’s organizational structure. Companies are international, staffed lean, use outsourced resources, and host a mashup of messaging tools. The communication efficiencies and speed for a brand to remain relevant, responsive, and innovative in the mind of its customers, requires highly effective communications inside and outside the company.

Clarity Reveals Insights

For almost two decades, Bridging Distance has helped organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies view their workplace challenges through a unique lens, the Distance Lens. By providing a foundational framework to view communication trials or opportunities in terms of Interpersonal, Organizational, Physical, and Technological distances, clients have been able to bring blurry regions into focus and clear up any blemishes to help people work well together from wherever they are.

Changes in Behavior

Bridging Distance provides behavioral-based solutions for companies to manage existing or anticipated distance complexities in the forms of age, culture, geography, or technology that impact employee performances. Through a combination of proprietary assessments, evidenced-based workshops, and customized coaching, Bridging Distance develops and maximizes employee engagement to accelerate productivity, profitability, and employee retention.

Continuous Employee Engagement

As a result, firms find employee engagement as its most successful outcome from working with Bridging Distance. The untangled flow of information leads to innovative and superior solutions with fewer delays and rework. In addition, as the workforce continues to diversify in cultures, genders, generations, and geographies, an inclusive and flexible working environment is a key distinguishing factor that will make the company the employer of choice.