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Remote Worker Bootcamp

Jumpstart and improve your remote working IQ and skills. Great for prospective, new, and seasoned practitioners as well as those who support them.


Remote working offers many benefits for workers and companies alike, but it presents many challenges as well. Whether you are a remote worker yourself or support those who do, building cutting-edge mindsets, skills, and techniques into your practice can ensure heightened productivity and results.

In this hands-on bootcamp you will:

  • Solidify a foundational understanding of the benefits and challenges of remote work, based on our copious experience and research findings.

  • Benchmark your personal remote working strengths and challenges using our evidence-based model.

  • Learn and practice behaviors that will help you thrive by focusing on using the right technology to build transparency and trust.

  • Create an action plan to immediately put your new knowledge and skills into practice using the data from your Assessment.


What You Get

  • A pre-workshop personal assessment with the six categories of our Remote Worker Model: Task Execution, Skills, Flexibility, Control, Presence, and Trust.

  • Workshop materials

  • Facilitation sessions with organizations also include 1:1 follow-up coaching


All Remote Worker Bootcamps are a multi-day process, not just a one-time event:

  1. 1 – 2 weeks prior to the bootcamp each participant completes an online assessment and gets their results.

  2. The bootcamp itself is a variable-length instructor-led training combining theory with experiential exercises.

  3. After the bootcamp there are 30- and 60-day follow-up consultations with the facilitator to check in on your progress and adjust your action plans.


Public workshop & process: $650, includes all materials

In-house instructor-led training & process:

Half-day workshop $1,900 plus participant materials
Full-day workshop $3,000 plus participant materials

Trainer certification: contact us for details and pricing

Get Started

Public sessions: sign up for one of our Remote Worker Bootcamps using the links below.

In-house instructor-led facilitation: contact us to select and purchase a half- or full-day session. We will work with you to set up dates and times.

Trainer certification: contact us for details and pricing

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