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The Virtual Leader™ Workshop

Do you find yourself center stage in a balancing act?


This workshop helps leaders ensure equal contributions from a distributed team or group of individual workers. It will help you balance getting the job done quickly while cultivating working relationships that span barriers of time, distance, culture, and more. It will give you a new way of thinking about how to lead people by building skills in two areas vital to the success of a virtual team: global team leadership and distance management.  

The Virtual Leader™ Workshop is offered in multiple formats to meet your needs:

  • Public sessions

  • In-house facilitation (half-, full-, and two-day options)

  • Certification of your organization’s internal trainers


Our evidence-based model

Creating Community: The ability to facilitate cohesion and promote behaviors that positively influence team development

Directing Digitally: The ability to provide resources and guidance and promote behaviors that positively influence smooth operations and accountability

Engaging Electronically: The ability to facilitate interaction and commitment to positively influence results

What You Get

  • A self assessment report that gives valuable data about strengths and challenges in behaviors and skills that enable high impact virtual leadership capabilities

  • Workshop materials including a team leader toolkit for better remote leadership skills and tips for cultivating a high performing global team

  • A heightened ability to offer flexible work arrangements that attract and engage a more diverse talent pool


The Virtual Leader is a process, not just a one-time workshop.

  1. Each participant has a detailed pre-workshop interview.

  2. During the workshop’s instructor-led training, theory is combined with experiential exercises. Participants develop the skills required to meet the demands of the constantly changing global work environment.

  3. As a follow up, the facilitator consults on issues identified in the workshop — providing a practicum on your virtual management skills.

All sessions include:

  • an online assessment

  • 1:1 pre-session interviews and report debrief

  • instructor-led sessions

  • 30 and 60 day follow up meetings to update on action plans and discuss real time application of course content


Public workshop & process: $650, includes all materials

In-house instructor-led training & process:

Half-day workshop $1,900 plus participant materials
Full-day workshop $3,000 plus participant materials
Two-day workshop $5,000 plus participant materials

Trainer certification: contact us for details and pricing

Get Started

Public sessions: sign up for one of our Virtual Leader events using the links below.

In-house instructor-led facilitation: contact us to select and purchase a half-, full-, or two-day session. We will work with you to set up dates and times.

Trainer certification: contact us for details and pricing

Upcoming Public Sessions