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Virtual Organizational Fitness Assessment


How ready is your company to compete in today’s global marketplace?


This detailed assessment benefits from our decades of research about what makes successful companies work well across physical, intrapersonal, organizational, and technological distances. (see The Distance Lens)

We look in-depth at your organization’s:

  • Competencies: do workers possess the capabilities necessary to successfully work with others to accomplish the tasks and responsibilities within a virtual work environment? (skills and abilities)

  • Structures: does the organization have policies, processes, and procedures in place to enable all virtual workers to collaborate and reach their potential? (formal and informal)

  • Mindsets: are there established attitudes and resulting behaviors that reflect constructive beliefs about virtual work? (awareness and habits)

  • Technology: is there necessary equipment and a support structure to sustain highly productive virtual work? (supports and tools)

What You Get

A comprehensive report with quantitative and qualitative data as well as analysis and  interpretations.

Our analyses help you make meaning of the wealth of data sets presented from different geographies, job classifications, and functions. You’ll get many options for how to move forward, both building upon existing strengths and minimizing or eliminating challenges and problem areas.


  1. Contact us. We’ll meet to discuss how the process works and what the financial and time investments will be, tailored to your needs.

  2. We provide an editable communications kit, suggested demographics, timelines, and details on how we support the process.

  3. With the above agreed, we provide a link to an online survey that takes 12-15 minutes for each individual to complete. Additionally we often use  formats such as focus groups or 1:1 interviews.

  4. Upon assessment completion (typically a pre-set close date), we run analysis and provide a comprehensive report, followed by a meeting to review and help determine next steps.

  5. The entire process generally takes 6 – 8 weeks.

Case Study

High Tech
8,000 (global)
Primary challenges
  • Centralized leadership
  • Losing out on high-potential hires
  • Underperforming remote locations
Virtual Organizational Fitness Assessment
Data acquired
3,918 employees across 17 locations

Our comprehensive assessment report helped the company:

  • Compare lower and higher scoring areas, discovering what was working and not working in those contrasting areas.

  • Determine what was transferable, what needed to be adjusted, and other strategies to overcome challenges in lower scoring locations.

  • Craft a strategy that put laser-focused solutions where they were most needed while reducing the number of lower-impact, watered-down, one-size-fits-all solutions that were rolled out across the company.

As a result the company benefited from:

  • Stronger employee engagement at all locations.

  • Less rework and errors as teams had stronger and more consistent communication patterns.

  • Robust new talent hires aligned with flexible work and higher employee satisfaction.

  • Raised efficiency and productivity, leading to stronger earnings.


Varies by company size, demographics, and report needs. Most recent assessments using this model have involved an investment of $22k – 30k.