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Virtual Team Fitness™ Scorecard


How well is your team functioning?

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This online assessment provides critical insights into how well your group co-operates to accomplish your goals and produce results. We have been successfully using this evidence-based model since 2008, continuously revising and revalidating it to reflect the most current trends and practices. It is suitable for teams with up to 12 members.

Individual team members’ responses are completely anonymous and aggregated into the group. This allows for “real” rather than “canned” answers and provides a more accurate picture of how the team is actually functioning.

The resulting scorecard uses five key dimensions (each with two sub-dimensions) to show the relative health of your virtual team:

Context - the Core: The fundamental internal and external grounding processes, structures, and team member attributes necessary for high performing virtual teamwork

Technology - the Conduit: The access to and use of technological resources critical for high performing virtual teamwork

Dynamics - the Pathways: The group properties responsible to healthy task completion, interactions, and problem resolution

Leadership - the Followership: The overall ability of the team leader to promote and facilitate the team’s ability to produce results

Results - the Game Winner: The overall ability of the team to accomplish what it was expected to do

What You Get

We offer two versions of this popular assessment: Prime and Custom.

Prime: comparison of team leader to team members for each of the 15 areas (5 dimensions plus two sub-dimensions in each one).

Custom: the same areas as Prime with additional demographic groupings such as geography or location type.

  • A (Prime or Custom) comprehensive report with candid feedback about how well the team is performing in 15 metrics (or more, if choosing the Custom option). Team member responses are anonymously grouped together and compared to the sole responses of the team leader. The report also contains tips and strategies for improvement.

  • A confidential debrief with the team leader.

  • A debrief and action-planning meeting with the full team.


  1. Contact us to get started.

  2. We work with the team leader or liaison to set up the individualized assessment, including the start and end dates of the survey (typically a 10-day window).

  3. For Custom, we also determine additional demographic categories for analysis.

  4. We then provide a link to our secure portal for each team member to respond to each of the questions. It typically takes between 12 – 15 minutes for each team member to respond to all the items.

  5. Once all members have responded or the end date has passed we run the analysis and share the report with the team leader.

  6. We conduct a one-hour debrief of the report with the team leader.

  7. We conduct a 90-minute debrief with the full team.


Varies by company size, demographics, and report needs. Contact us for more information.