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Influencing without Authority

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In 4 hours, learn the skills to become a more effective leader

Wouldn’t it be easier at times, if everyone just did what they were told, and they did it because an expert they trusted said so? Unfortunately, that is not the reality in today’s workplace. Rather it is our personal influence that drives our ability to successfully move others to act, and it can only be accomplished by remaining authentic to who we are, and respectful to others. Influence is at play all the time, and great leaders are highly proficient at using it properly to get buy-in or sign-off, effect resource allocation, and overcome resistance to ideas or plans. This is how decisions are made. Learning how to influence in a respectful and mutually beneficial manner is a skill no leader can be without.

I work with Stefanie as 
a trainer and executive coach. She has the ability to teach adults in a way that challenges their thinking without being confrontational. I would recommend Stefanie to any organization or leader searching for tools to deal more effectively with influence and change.
— VP Human Resources, High Technology Company

Discover how to influence everywhere

This skill set is also required for people who may not have a management title yet must influence others even though they have no direct authority or power. Today’s workplace - full of matrix org charts, cross-functional teams, and globally outsourced projects, requires every employee to have the ability to influence team members to generate results no matter a person’s job seniority, culture, gender, or age.

Receive cutting-edge training you can start today

In this workshop, participants will use and apply their own work situations to a research-proven framework that teaches the required behaviors, skills, and mindsets to be a successful influencer. This guided learning uses assessments, activities, group discussions, accountability partners, and 1:1 coaching to give participants the competence and confidence to influence without authority.

  1. Start with a baseline of your influencing skill and end with a sustainable plan to improve
  2. Learn and practice a step-by-step framework to influence for positive outcomes
  3. Strengthen your ability to influence in person and across various digital modalities, as well as power differences
  4. Develop stronger relationships, professionally and personally
  5. Achieve more with less effort

BONUS: You will receive a 1-hour individual coaching session within 45 days after the Summit with leadership expert Stefanie Heiter to review the implementation of your newly found insights and abilities

Regular admission $450

Use coupon code GROUP when you buy 4 or more seats to save 5%!
For 10 or more seats call 508 982 5277 for an even better discount.

Later Event: September 27
Building Confident Influencers