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Want to improve and grow your multi-location or remote-worker business?


Get scientific analysis on how your team communicates, and proven techniques to make it better.


Imagine your multi-location team all on one page, working well everywhere, together, seamlessly. It isn’t just about technology, it’s about having the skills and practices to bridge the distances between people.


We offer assessments, workshops, training, and coaching to determine where your strengths and weaknesses are, see what to do next for maximum impact, and rocket you toward success.


Let’s get started.

Start a low-cost assessment online or contact us to explore the ways we can help your team live the dream life with better communication skills.


Distance isn’t just Location-based

The whole world is connected, but really connecting with people is harder than ever. Cultural gaps, departmental differences, age variances, and varying communication styles are just some of the distances that can separate your team to detrimental effect. Our assessments, workshops, and consulting can address and improve them all.


We are Researchers and Social Scientists

Part research team, part consultancy, fully dedicated to helping modern businesses increase employee engagement, job satisfaction and overall performance through improved internal communications. 

Our assessments, workshops, consulting, and coaching services are honed by decades of study and practice in the field.


“During this training I realized that people just want to be part of something. They ALL want to be part of the team. And with the help of Bridging Distance, I started closing some of those distances.”

IT Project Manager
National Retail Pharmacy Chain


Improve Your Work, Improve Your Life

Our work together will improve your bottom line by improving performance and job satisfaction. Work is more pleasant and meaningful, and the communication awareness and skills we teach spill over into everyday life. Happy work, happy life. Happy life, happy work.

Customized Results, Rapid Improvements

Our evidence-based assessments, workshops, and consulting provide customized materials and skill-building training so you’ll see rapid improvements. We look at what your people are doing well already, where they need help, and what actions can be taken in the short- and long-term for lasting results.



Virtual Fitness: The Key to a Successful Communication Culture

Your business works best when everyone feels like part of the team: empowered, appreciated, and naturally motivated. This happens easily when communications are personalized, streamlined, and inclusive. Virtual Fitness is the measure of the communications effectiveness of your team(s), leaders, and individuals.

Electronic Body Language

Response time, tone in text messages, background noise in video chats… just a few examples of details that make up each person’s “electronic body language”. You might be amazed at what our assessments can determine about your team/leader/individual’s areas for improvement.