Research drives everything at Bridging Distance.

Our products are based on decades of studying what makes organizations thrive from a human perspective, and continue to evolve as quickly as the modern workplace.


Virtual Fitness

One constant uncovered in our research and experience shows that the key to successful work across the four distances** is what we call Virtual Fitness.

Virtual Fitness is a series of structures, mindsets, and policies that help ensure that humanity and care is not drowned out by the hum of modern digital communications. We customize these to your specific needs and help build critical behaviors and skills that provide lasting benefit.

Through assessments, workshops, consulting processes and more we can help your team, your leaders, and individuals thrive in today’s “always connectED but not always connectING” world.

** see The Distance Lens



These self-serve assessments are conducted online. All participants complete a survey which produces a detailed report with practical tips for improvement. The team report has two additional report options, which offer teams data results sorted by geography and expanded reporting of responses and tips for improvement.

Virtual Organizational Fitness Assessment

Virtual Team Fitness Scorecard

Note: the following assessments are offered only with a followup consultation by a certified coach.

Individual EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence

Extended DISC Assessment


With the Virtual Leadership and Fitness assessment tool we assessed distances that included, cooperating across technology, cultures, time zones, genders, generations, internal corporate structures, and personal style differences. Using the data, we tailored our program to address opportunities for improvements in technology and team dynamics. As a result we experienced measured improvements in team engagement and sense of belonging, as we developed our personal and team skills improving team dynamics and productivity.

Kerry Hawitt, Head of Business Performance & Operations at Shire



Workshops use the online assessments as a foundation for an in-person or virtual session focusing on the best practice behaviors and skill-building that will most benefit your situation.

Electronic Body Language Workshop

Remote Worker Bootcamp

The Virtual Leader Workshop

Coaching & Consulting

Turbo-charge your assessment results with expert analysis by one of our PhD or Master’s gurus, 1:1 participant video interviews to discover more detailed and actionable themes, and custom-designed and facilitated team meetings to inspire rapid results.